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he rush to manufactur▓e more new energy vehicles will translate to comparable sales to consumers.Ac▓cording to statistics, more than 30 Chinese automakers in recent year▓s have invested in research and development of cars fueled by alter

native energy or electricity.Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation Group (SAIC), China's largest automaker, in Ju

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ly announced plans to invest 12 billion yuan in research and ▓development of hybrid engines. SAIC plans to begin manufacturing its own▓ brand of fuel-saving cars in 2010, the company sai

makers are gearing up to enter the E

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d.According to SAIC, the first model will be a hybrid Roewe 750, which consumes 20 percent less gasoline.Altogether, the company will invest in 41 major projects, including hybrid and electric

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cars.Dongfeng Motor Group, China's third-largest automotive company, will cooperate with the Dutch electric car startup Detroit Electric to research, develop and sell electric vehicles in ChinaChongqin


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g Chang'an Automobile Group recently an▓nounced that it is creating a new manufacturing base with an investment of 2.5 billion yuan for▓ alternative energy vehicles.The new manufacturing base will help Chan


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g'an Motors produce 300,000 alternative energy cars and 1 million engines per year after manufacturing begins in 2012, according to the company.BEIJING, April 17 -- Geely Automobile Holdings (HKSE: 0175), China


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's biggest private automaker, said yesterday that its net profit jumped almost three times last year thanks to increased stakes in its operating units in China.Geely Automobile published its annual stat


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ement on April 16. The report said its net income rose 191 percent, reaching 879 million yuan (HK$996 million) in 2008.The majority o▓f the growth came from the acquisition of five of its associated companies.In

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June 2008▓, Geely Automobile spent a total sum of 1.55 billion yuan (HK$1.611 billion) to buy 44.19 percent of its five associated c


ers are eager
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